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Social Media & the UWC

by: Jerry Yelton
For the past few years, the University Writing Center has had social media accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. In years past, the pages were used to share a variety of posts along the lines of, “Come by the UWC today!” and showing photos of current staff.
The pages now are used for promotional materials for the University Writing Center, as well as the posting of jokes and puns related to writing. If you log onto the accounts for our center, you can read through lists of postings about the relevance of coming by the UWC on a specific day to avoid weekend homework or doing assignments over break, as well as online graphics and memes found informing audiences in humorous ways about how to properly use an oxford comma, or ways to integrate hyperbolic language into writing.
These sort of posts have helped the online presence of the UWC become more well-received because it shows the upbeat side of the center, and highlights its presence on campus.
Finding the UWC online on Twitter or Facebook can help you stay up to date with all the happenings of our center. Follow and like us to get to know our consultants better, keep up with when we are open, learn more about how to improve your writing, and brighten your day with a few jokes and fun posts!

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