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A Writer’s Guide to Natural Inspiration

April 29, 2016

Best Boone Summer Spots

By: Veronica Nawojczyk 


Some of the greatest writers of our time have found deep inspiration in the surrounding nature. Whether you’re an aspiring poet and author or someone just trying to get some words on the page for summer courses, our beloved Boonetown has a plethora of beautiful spots to draw inspiration from. Plus, you don’t have to seclude yourself in the forest for months like Henry David Thoreau to find inspiration. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite local spots for the summer:

Trashcan Falls

Don’t be deceived by the name — this hidden gem brims with energy and excitement. Jump into the swimming hole below the 15 foot waterfall or walk along the stream above. If the water’s too cold for your taste, Trashcan Falls offers ample places to sit, reflect, and soak up the sun. A popular spot in the summertime, this waterfall can be found heading toward Tennessee from downtown Boone for around 10 miles. Turn left at Skate World, and then it’s about 5 1/2 miles down US 321.

Flattop Mountain

This 5-mile hike leads up to a fire tower with a 360 degree panorama view of Boone and the surrounding areas. Starting off at Cone Manor on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Flattop Mountain trail runs beside beautiful cow pastures, flowery meadows, and shady woods. This hike is moderate enough for visiting family members and perfect for your four-legged friends—we’re talking about dogs AND horses! Take a leisurely horse-ride to the top or jog it out to get that blood flowing.

Caldwell Community College

We’re not asking you to go to a different school…just behind it. Caldwell’s Watauga campus has one of the most glorious (and secluded) sunset views around. Watch from your car or set up a picnic along the grass to watch the sunset over the breathtaking mountain silhouette. This skyline includes a perfect view of Grandfather Mountain.


Boone Fork Trail

This 5-mile loop starts off with a cute picnic area right along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hike around in any direction you choose to see sweet meadows, charming woods, and a swift river. The hike intersects with the popular Hebron Rock Colony where the river cascades over clusters of boulders. Scramble over the rocks in the sun or dip your toes in the cool water. Either way, this place will leave you feeling refreshed and full of creativity!

Grayson Highlands

Okay, so this place is not exactly in Boone….in fact, it’s not even technically in North Carolina. As it’s only an hour away, we wanted to share one of our most inspiring local(ish) hot spots. Grayson Highlands, Virginia, has something for everyone: shady groves, highland balds, magnificent boulders, stunning views, and oh, how about WILD PONIES?! Hiking around with the most adorable wild ponies will thwart even the greatest of writer’s blocks. We must warn you, though: these ponies will lick you if you get too close.


We’re glad to know how many amazing spots we left off of this list—how lucky we are that there’s just too much to choose from! Whether you need some fresh air to get the ideas circulating or are in dire need of some natural motivation, our beautiful mountain home has you covered. Either way, the mountains are calling, and you must go!

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