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The Seasons, They Are A-changin’

April 4, 2016

By Kristin Horton 

As the great Bob Dylan once said, “the times are a-changin’.” Spring is right around the corner. This seasonal change brings a feeling of excitement, as App students realize that winter is over! The time has come to sprawl out on Sanford Mall, get out our slacklines and Enos and put on our Chacos.

Spring at Appalachian State is a treasure: after battling through blizzards for several months, we are finally able to enjoy the outside world again. I never appreciated the warmth of the sun until experiencing my first spring thaw at App. The dazzling daylight, cool breeze, and constant party on Sanford Mall can really lift your spirits.

flowersThis time of year is the best at App. It’s exciting because you know it’s almost the end of the school year, but it can also be stressful for that same reason. While we know it’s almost over, that also means we have little time left to finish what we’ve started—or have yet to start. We struggle with the temptation to skip class and drive down the parkway on warm spring days, and it can be hard to stay focused on school work when there’s so much of the high country left to be hiked!

While the seasonal change can be distracting and procrastination can be tempting, it also fills me with a new found energy. There is an electricity in the air, generating excitement, and providing a much needed burst of inspiration. The winter was sluggish and dragging, but the spring season appears as an unannounced but welcomed visitor. One day, it’s snowing, and the next flowers are blooming, critters are coming out of their hiding places, and students are repopulating campus, creating a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere. The overwhelming life and spirit of the student population is inspiring; it reminds me that we are all in this together, that we are all struggling to finish the semester so that we may enjoy the sweet offerings of summer.

The first signs of spring in Boone are invigorating in a way that only App students can understand. The mountains come alive with a lushness that makes you completely forget that they were once barren and cold. Those pre-spring break midterms seem like a lifetime ago, and this moment is all that matters now. I remember that I have gotten through struggles like this before, and I will get through this one, too. Music is in the air, joyful souls are dancing through campus, and thoughts of summer and graduation are occupying everyone’s minds.

knees readingAs we try to remember that we still have assignments to do, we must also remember to take the time to enjoy and appreciate Boone in the spring. Let the brilliant daylight inspire you to jump into the final weeks of the semester with enthusiasm and eagerness and crank out those final assignments. And if you need some extra support, the University Writing Center can help. We feel the blooming energy of the season, too, and we’re here to help you attack those end of semester assignments. Spring is here, and summer’s just around the corner! Take in the spirit of the season, and let it carry you through the rest of the semester.


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