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Welcome to Orientation with your Writing Consultant

October 30, 2015

By Jerry Yelton

Whenever you arrive in a new place, you need a bit of guidance. Whether this be a training program for a new job or a mentor for a new volunteer position, if you don’t have someone explaining the ropes to you, you might have some issues ahead of you!

When you arrive at Appalachian State University (ASU) as an undergraduate student, you’re introduced to the Appalachian Family by a Student Orientation Undergraduate Leader (SOUL). This person, another undergraduate student, is there to help you get to know your new university. They introduce you to resources available at ASU, they help you create your class schedules, they teach you how to get involved, and they show you a bit of what it’s like to become a student in a new, unfamiliar environment. These people are really necessary in helping you become comfortable in an area you’ve never really worked before.

The same holds true for writing! Without a good Writing Consultant, your start as a writer might be shaky and result in an ineffective writing process. Think of those that work in the University Writing Center (UWC) as your Writing Consultant to introduce you to how to become a good and effective writer. These Writing Consultants will teach you all the tactics to make a short and to-the-point thesis, and they can show you how to make sure that your writing flows and keeps your readers interested.

During Orientation, you go through a lot of interesting experiences such as the new student play, icebreakers, and games with your new friends. This is a lot like the first times you begin writing and working with your Writing Consultant in the Writing Center. Brainstorming is like playing a game with your Writing Consultant because you’re having fun and learning together. As a Writing Consultant, one of my favorite students and I spent multiple sessions brainstorming through possible routes for her creative writing piece. We developed where to take her document, and it really helped her learn to love her piece of writing.

Your Writing Consultants are available in the UWC Monday through Friday, online through appointment and for quick questions, and on our website through handouts developed with common student questions and concerns as their goal.

If you love the idea of becoming a Writing Consultant or getting a Writing Consultant to help you out, stop by the UWC to ask about a job in the UWC or ask for an appointment.

If you’re interested in becoming a SOUL and welcoming new students to Appalachian, go to the following URL and fill out the application between October 23rd and November 13th! 

SOUL Application:

Below are pictures some of the SOULs from previous years and a picture our current staff at the UWC!SOULS UWC Staff Pic 2015-2016

Image Sources

“SOUL Staff” photo by author

“UWC Staff”. Appalachian State University Writing Center, 2015.

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