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Summer Adventures Part Two: Taking a Leap in Writing

July 29, 2015

by: Kristi Brown


As the summer comes to an end and a new semester begins, there is still time for outdoor adventures; one of the greatest summer activities in Boone is waterfall jumping. While it can be dangerous, it can also be a lot of fun. An adventure like waterfalling is challenging by nature, and so is the beginning of a new academic semester. Here are a few tips that might help you along the way, whether in waterfalling or in writing assignments.

  1. Read the map carefully before you begin your journey.

Before starting anything, it is important to know the lay of the land. This is as true in writing as it is on a waterfall adventure. Jumping off a waterfall is bound to be more successful and fun if you make a plan. Finding the perfect trail to the desired location can be tricky, which is why using the map is important. In the classroom, the syllabus is your map for the semester; read over it carefully and make a plan to complete the assignments and meet the course objectives.

  1. Look closely at the water you’re about to jump into.

To avoid landing in a potentially dangerous place, it is important to examine the area where you intend to land. Check the area for anything that might be harmful, like tree stumps, sharp objects, or shallow water. This precautionary measure can be applied to your writing assignments; before you begin, make sure to thoroughly read over the assignment sheet, and if necessary, ask questions. Regarding writing assignments and jumping into water, safety is always important.

  1. Begin the treacherous hike to the peak.

After carefully reviewing the map and the water, you can finally start the journey to the top of the waterfall. The path is likely to be a rugged incline, which means it will be very challenging. The writing process can often feel like a treacherous hike, but it is important to remember that it is in the challenge that you are able to learn more about your topic and about the craft of writing. Remember, you don’t have to complete the journey alone; the University Writing Center and your instructor are always willing to help you along the way.

  1. Jump!

Once you’ve made it to the top, there is only one thing left to do: jump! From the top of the peak, the plunge into the water can seem intimidating, but it is also the reason you climbed the mountain in the first place. Jumping into the water marks the end of the journey and the beginning of the experience, and the same is true of the writing process; once you finish the assignment, you get to submit it, which can be a frightening, but liberating experience.

At times, the writing process can feel a lot like hiking uphill toward some unknown destination; the journey is difficult, but there is a purpose. Just like waterfall jumping, completing a writing assignment is invigorating and full of challenges and possibilities. However, in order to make it to the glorious moment of jumping, it is important to read the map, look for potential hazards along the way, and make the trek to the top. Each step is essential to the overall success of your assignment. Regardless of where you are in the writing process, the University Writing Center is here to help you with each step in your journey.

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