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Writing Extends Beyond the Page!

May 1, 2015

by: Jerry Yelton

As our newest bulletin board in Sanford Hall boasts, the University Writing Center at Appalachian is capable of helping with projects far outside of the realm of the written or typed page. The reality is that composition encompasses all forms of writing, not just typed essays. It is well within the abilities of the UWC’s talented consultants to aid students in all sorts of projects, not just those limited to two dimensional text.

unnamedIn current job markets and professional fields, the popularity of multi-modal projects that integrate different forms of technology and electronic media are becoming more popular. Reflecting this transition, assignments in the classroom have moved from requiring word or page counts to requiring minimums of alternative sorts of media. Many students and community members assume that the University Writing Center is no longer a place that can assist them with their projects because of this shift; however, that is far from the case. The UWC is more than able to help with:

  • Blog posts
  • Forum responses
  • Documentaries
  • iMovie films
  • Photography analyses
  • Artist statements

The list does not begin and end there. These are a few simple examples of things that the UWC is prepared to help you with in the multi-modal and media-based world of composition.

Here are a few tips on creating compositions for these different environments:

  • Keep your audience in mind; this multi-modal approach needs you to use all of your abilities to make sure that your message is coming across as it would on the written page.
  • Be concise. Most of these forms of composition are short and to-the-point. Get your point across as briefly and precisely as you can!
  • Be aware of available resources. Appalachian students have the ability to rent technology for different projects, so check out Tech Services to see what is offered!
  • Keep time constraints in mind. Multi-modal projects may take longer as you could be working in unfamiliar mediums.
  • Be realistic about the project you can create in the time allotted. Don’t plan to make a feature length film when you only have time to compose and edit a clip.

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