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The Apostrophe Strikes Back

April 3, 2015

by: Chelsea Zimmerman

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“Always use apostrophes when something is missing, you should.” – Yoda

Yoda(Translation: Apostrophes DO stand in for something that is missing.)

  • Correct: Luke didn’t complete his training before facing Darth Vader.
  • Incorrect: The Rebel Alliance wasnt able to escape the evil forces of the Empire without the
    help of Luke Skywalker. (Correct: wasn’t)

“Use an apostrophe to indicate a span of years, we do not.” – Yoda

(Translation: Apostrophes DO NOT need to be used when indicating the span of a decade.)

  • Correct: The Empire Strikes Back was one of the most popular films of the 1980s.
  • Incorrect: The first film of the series, Star Wars, was released in the 1970’s. (Correct: 1970s)

walkers“Require an apostrophe when indicating ownership, we do.” – Yoda

(Translation: Apostrophes DO become a requirement when indicating ownership, but they are used differently depending on whether the subject is singular or plural.)


  • Correct: Luke Skywalker’s father, Anakin Skywalker, became Darth Vader when he joined the Emperor.
  • Incorrect: Lukes mentor, Yoda, lived on the planet Dagobah. (Correct: Luke’s)


  • Correct: The Skywalker siblings’ mother does not appear in the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • Incorrect: The wookiees home planet is Kashyyyk. (Correct: wookiees’)

“Always the exception, ‘it’ is.” – Yoda

(Translation: “It” is the exception to the rule of using apostrophes for ownership. One uses an apostrophe followed by an “s” on the end of “it” only when the sentence should read “it is.” When indicating ownership, “its” does not need an apostrophe.)

  • Correct: It’s hatred and anger that threaten to turn Luke Skywalker over to the dark side.
  • Incorrect: It’s power to destroy a planet made the Death Star a huge threat to the Rebel Alliance. (Correct: Its)

Now that you’ve become a Jedi master of apostrophes, your papers are sure to stay on the good side of the force.Luke and Yoda

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