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Dr. Seuss’ Writer’s Block – A Tribute

April 3, 2015

by: Anna Gray


On his birthday, March 2nd, we celebrated the life of Theodore Seuss Geisle, more commonly known to us as Dr. Seuss. Although he has now passed, his writing has been a common spectacle to children all over the world. The following passage is written as a tribute to the late, great, and well-loved author, borrowing the magical and quirky style that he created many years ago. I write in hopes to demonstrate that all writers go through writers’ block, including published and beloved authors like Dr. Seuss. It’s never too late to make use of the University Writing Center, and I think that if Dr. Seuss were still here today, he too would enjoy the help of everything the UWC has to offer. Look for bits and pieces of his books that you might remember from your childhood in the poem below. Enjoy!

Dr. Seuss’ Writer’s Block

My words are all mixed up, I cannot get them out.

My tongue is just so twisted; all I can do is shout!

Writer’s block, is writer’s shock; this writer’s sheet is blank!

I do not know which way to go; I think my ship has sank!

My green eggs have turned all purple; my things are all grown up.

The Wocket in my Pocket sings, and now lives in a cup.

1 fish, 2 fish, red fish WAIT! The others are all gone.

Daisy Head and Cindy Lou have jumped into a pond!

Sam I am, wait no I’m not, who am I anyway?

I need some help, I need it now, I’ve nothing left to say.

There’s this place deep in the mountains; they help writers just like me.

When things are loosey goosey, they will rescue me, you see!

In my 80 years of writing, I’ve yet to use their help,

But it’s not too late to ask them; I just cannot do this myself!

My page is blank, nothing to read, just my lousy thoughts.

I’m hoping they can get them out; I think it’s worth a shot!

As I make my way to that place, room oh-oh–eight downstairs,

It’s time to start, to help relieve this writer in despair.

We talk and talk and talk until my talker talks no more.

Before I know it, my brain is back. I’m filled with great ideas galore.

They knew exactly what to ask to make my thoughts emerge,

While their job is not to write for me, they gave me real great courage.

I feel oh so ready to begin; my pen is now a flying.

My tears are all dried up; there shall be no more crying.

Now you surely must be wondering what I wrote after that day.

You’ve actually just now read it. It’s done, it’s here to stay!

That time that I had writer’s block was not so fun at all,

But now I know the UWC is there to catch me when I fall!Dr. S

Images from and various works by Dr. Seuss.

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