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New Kids on Campus

February 23, 2015

Dear Writing Diary,

As a transfer student, I’m still figuring some things out about Appalachian State University. Since transferring here, I’m just not sure about what help or resources there are on this campus. I’m stressing out because I know I could use some help with my course work, and my classmates don’t seem to have this problem. On top of not knowing what student support there is to help me, I’ve noticed that the assignments are way different than the ones I was used to at my old school. I’m just not sure how to get started, and the stress just makes everything worse. Everyone seems to know so much more than me about what’s going on on campus! Where’s a good place I can go to get some help with my writing assignments?

New kid on campus


Dear New Kid,

The anxiety you’re feeling is completely understandable. It’s especially confusing when your peers seem more “in-the-know” because they’ve had a head start on campus. Not to worry! You’re about to be in-the-know, too!

A great place to come for help is ASU’s Writing Center. The Writing Center is a free resource that all writers can use, and it’s not just for students (faculty and community members can use it, too). You can make an appointment ahead of time by calling or coming in to the center on the lower level of the library, or you can register yourself and schedule an appointment on our website.

It’s important to know that the people in the Writing Center don’t just help after you’ve written something, and it’s not an editing service. We can assist you at any and all points in your writing process, from brainstorming to going over final drafts. This sounds like it’s just what you need since you’re having trouble getting started on your assignments. You and your consultant will work collaboratively on the writing assignment you bring in. Not only will we help you with what you’re working on for that session, but you’ll learn skills that will strengthen your writing for all your other assignments.

I hope to see you soon,


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