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Feeling LOST? 8 Ways the Writing Center Will Help You Find Your Path

February 23, 2015

lostby: Chelsea Zimmerman

Writing an academic paper can sometimes leave a writer feeling as though they’re isolated – stranded alone on a deserted island – or even worse, in the Hatch like Desmond. The Writing Center is a place you can go when you need help, don’t know where to turn, or need to escape from solitary confinement.

  1. Handouts:
    • We offer helpful handouts to students on a range of topics from Chicago formatting to information on writing in specific disciplines. Just don’t expect a handout detailing the location of the “Others.”
  2. Consultations:
    • Having someone read through your paper and offer a new perspective is a very useful step in the writing process. Consultants help you gain confidence in your ability as a writer and grow accustomed to sharing your work. (Let’s just hope you’re better at sharing than Sawyer.)
  3. Quick Questions:
    • If you don’t have time for a 45 minute session, you can stop by to ask a quick question. The Writing Center also offers ZOHO, an instant messaging service you can access through our website to ask quick questions about writing. (It’s way more high-tech than the ancient Dharma Initiative computer programming.)computer
  4. Citations:
    • Perfect citations can be just as tedious as entering a series of numbers into a computer every 108 minutes. Just as not keying the numbers could interrupt the state of the world, not citing your sources properly can gravely impact the quality of your paper. Many find it useful to utilize the Writing Center to demystify the citation process.
  5. Outlining:
    • If you’re struggling to structure your paper – you’ve discovered the Hatch but can’t get inside – Writing Center Consultants can help you create an outline to identify the next steps you should take as you complete the assignment.Down the hatch
  6. Writing a Thesis Statement:
    • The passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 would attest to the fact that good leadership and guidance are essential to one’s security. The Writing Center is a great place to turn when faced with one of the most strenuous tasks for most writers: developing a strong thesis statement.
  7. Rewording/Providing Clarity:
    • Writing Center Consultants are here if your paper needs clarity – which isn’t exactly one of LOST’s strong points. Consultants can work with you to translate your ideas into an understandable, cohesive paper.
  8. Understanding Your Writing:
    • Similar to how watching each episode of LOST consecutively provides you with the best understanding of the final episode, working with a consultant helps you discover your own strengths and weaknesses as well as identify the process by which you write. Understanding your own writing process ensures that your writing will continue to improve overtime.eyes

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