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Tune In, Write It Out – A Dare

October 21, 2014

by: Jayna Duckenfield


As a college student, seeing a schedule like the one above isn’t irregular. Answering, “busy,” to the question, “how are you?” is extremely common; declaring, “I am so done,” is a daily requirement; tweeting “#TeamNoSleep” is a must; and wishing it was acceptable to drink coffee by the gallon is habitual. So, how, fellow students, can we maintain our sanity through the onslaught of due dates and deadlines?

Tune in, and write it out.

As participants in this millennial culture, we’re consumed by moments. We live for the times when everything aligns in our favor. We soak up the instances when everything just feels right. As much as we love these moments, though, we rarelycoffee ever make time for them. We want them to just happen, and we’re impatient. I mean, look at our schedules—if the moments don’t magically appear themselves, there’s not much we can do, right?

Oh, fellow busy bee, we need to take the time to have these moments. We need to be reminded of the simple joys in life amid the busiest of schedules. I need to work on this, too. Tuning into music and writing out your thoughts can help with that. It’s therapeutic.

Now, as a writer and English major, it seems somewhat easy for me to say that.  You may think it’s a bit of a cop out, eh?  Contrary to popular belief, there definitely are moments when the thought of writing my thoughts or setting aside time to put a pen to paper sounds miserable. We all can relate to this, can we not? After a full day, the idea of going to the library at 9:30pm and journaling, or writing that research paper you forgot about, doesn’t sound tantalizing in the least. But listening to music is almost always pretty appealing.

Think about it.

Whoever wrote the lyrics to your favorite song had to do just that, write. You can do the same! In many ways, writing and music go hand in hand. They build off of each other. They encourage each other. The fit together. We’re so quick to use other music:writingpeople’s words in order to capture these special moments we so desperately need. But what if we use our own words? What if instead of listening to the thoughts of others we were patient, we changed our perspective, and we listened to our own thoughts? And what if after we listened to them, we wrote them down? It’s a  challenge, I know. It may even be awkward at first, but not every smash hit made it to the CD after the first take. (No, Beyonce’s song “Partition” doesn’t count.)

Next time you get stressed, put on some music of your choice—any artist you like. (If you really want to dig deep, try an instrumental track so the only words you’re hearing are your own.) Get a piece of paper,  grab a pen, and just go. Cultivate that sweet moment. Soak up the simple joy of taking a break from your busy college schedule. Tune in, and write it out.

Go on. I dare you.

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