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Game of Groans: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

October 7, 2014

Game of Groansby: Chelsea Zimmerman

Do you ever feel like one of the leading players in the Game of Thrones? If only you could see one step ahead, then you could get past writer’s block, and finish your assignment. The following tips will grant you the ability to become a literary “warg” who is able to conquer the mind of the beast, i.e., the prompt of the essay.

Free Write

  • When in doubt, free write! Brainstorming is the best way to get your ideas flowing. One common way to brainstorm is to create an open conduit between your brain and the keyboard; start typing any words, phrases, and ideas that come to mind. For example, if your topic is: “State who would be the best ruler of the Iron Throne, and explain why,” then your free write might look something like this:
    • Daenerys, merciful mother of dragons, mother of her people, frees slaves, uses wisdom, rightful hear to the throne, overcomes her past, sacrifices for her people, displays empathy, values justice, character growth from timid and afraid to confident and powerful, ability to learn from mistakes…


  • Develop a method of outlining that works for you, and your paper will be written before you know it! I often fine myself full of ideas but not sure where to begin once my fingertips touch the keyboard. This is when outlining becomes very useful. My own outlining method involves typing my thesis at the top of the page and listing key words for each paragraph below.

See the following example:

  • Intro/Thesis: Due to Daenerys’ value of justice in her merciful rule as the mother of dragons and citizens alike, as well as her status as the rightful heir, she is best fit to rule the Iron Throne.
    • Daenerys’ justice and mercy
    • “Mother of dragons” and citizens
    • Rightful Heiress to the Iron Throne
    • Conclusion

Take a Break

  • Sometimes it’s helpful to step away from the assignment for an hour. Take a nap, go for a run, or train some dragons. Then, come back to your paper with a clear mind. Your brain will thank you.


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