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What’s Happening? Summer Edition

June 5, 2013

UWC Summer Lovin’ & Livin’

Did you know that the University Writing Center is open over the summer? You didn’t? Well, you do now! All summer long you can come in to work on any writing your life requires, from a resume and cover letter for a summer job to a term paper for your summer session 1 class. Summer UWC work doesn’t just include collaborating with clients, though, and upon entering the Center this summer, you will find your friendly UWC consultants busy doing tasks in various forms, from improving our work space to revising our helpful handouts. Browse through the images below to see how we all stay busy even if the lower level of Belk Library is a lot quieter than usual.

Emily & Allie Dancing

 There’s a fire drill in the library? Yes, but more importantly, there’s a dance party outside. 

Kyle & Kayla

Smile, sunshine, and shades from Kyle and Kayla, two UWC Summer consultants. 

3 Amigas

Allie, Nicole, and Emily sharing some UWC summer love.

Emily & Kyle-Desk

There have been some big changes in the UWC this summer, and we don’t just mean the addition of this new, large desk. Stop by and check out all the renovations!

Emily-Desk Kyle w Desk

Coffee filters: Keeping you organized during all your furniture building!

Nicole on Floor

Nicole: the UWC organizing, cleaning, and goo-eliminating extraordinaire! 

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