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June 5, 2013

Overheard in the UWC

The staff at the University Writing Center works very hard to create a fun, warm, and inviting environment.   The challenge, of course, is balancing this with a productive and driven work force.  We are able to have a fantastic time, while still providing helpful, collaborative, and engaging sessions for our clients.  Although many misconceptions exist about writers, a common truth is that to be a writer is to have a voice. Over the course of a few weeks, The ReVisioner staff challenged everyone in the UWC to write down some of the more ridiculous things we converse about for a segment called, “Overheard in the Writing Center.”  The feedback was immediate and hilarious.  We hope you enjoy this peak behind the scenes of the UWC and this glimpse of the people responsible for the continued success of our Writing Center.

2013-06-05 09.55.24

 Fran: “I have, like, the Mercedes of alarm clocks.”

Tasha: “I’M ON THE SPECTRUM! I’m not just A or B.”

Fran: “My ancestors were, like, 100% oppressors.”

Marcy, when referencing high-fructose corn syrup: “It’s like sugar on speed.”

 Cortney: “He’s woken up in the recycling bin before.”

Emily:  “I moved out of crazy town a few months ago, and I’m not moving back.”

Chelsey: “I’m ’bout to go buy some shoes TO-DAY!”

 Cortney: “Nine and five rhyme.”

 Fran: “I think I have a latent criminal mind.”

 David: “It DOES smell like v-neck in here.”

 Tasha: “Ya know, people can really screw up a cupcake. I’m very passionate about my cupcakes.”

 Chelsey: “Our homecoming queen got shot in the leg at the Burger King across the street.”

 Emily: “We had a lot of gang violence at my high school. People got run over by cars.”

 Chelsey: “She was exaggerated, though; that baby’s head couldn’t fit in no teacup.”

 David: “I AM AN ARTIST. I got this.”

 Steph: “Word is a stupid bitch, and I hate it.”

 Chelsey: “It was a rectangle. Like a circle. You could just walk through.”

 Rachel: “How would the Dowager respond?”

 A Client: “Her (Sam’s) laugh is going to change student culture.”

 Aaron: “I didn’t know arts and crafts could be so fun!”

Julie: “(A bulldog) was NOT mean! He let a pygmy rabbit suckle him!”

 Catherine: “You’re almost 30 when you’re 30.”

 Julie to Emily: “Don’t cry. Pee with your eyes!”

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