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Consultant Writing

March 20, 2013

University Writing Center Haikus


Experts, we claim not

to be, but grammar mistakes

cower at our sight.

-Rachel, UWC Asst. Director


Writing centers teach virtues,

empathy, trust, and respect

in each collaboration.

-Beth, UWC Director


Making students read

their papers over again

at least one time helps.



A treat for students,

their hard work is rewarded.

No one likes the grape.



Writers, we all are,

whether we like it or not.

Words are trying friends.



Sometimes writing sucks,

but we’re here to help you out.

Let’s write a paper!



X out of bejeweled.

Turn off hurricane coverage,

and write your paper.



Essentially we

convene each day to convey

writing, the right way.



Help me with commas!

Should I just say that I’m a

Writing concubine?




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