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February 6, 2013


The Boy in the Back of the Class

By Richard Davidian (Contributing Writer)

In the room they labeled ‘One-Oh-Three,’

Sat a boy in a class like you or me.

Just a kid with a brain and a pencil in hand,

A number two pencil by the number one brand.

The circles he bubbled and papers he wrote

Never kept his imagination afloat.

He wanted what would be to come at last,

When he must not sit in this everyday class.

His mind, it still wandered and pondered about.

He wanted to move, he wanted to be out.

His eyes drifted down next to where he sat

and saw the faded blue brim of his favorite hat.

Not any old hat to keep the sun off his face.

The hat takes his mind to a different place.

His father had bought him the hat he now owned

And wore it whenever he was sad or alone.

While other students slept and tried to play dead,

The boy settled his hat on top of his head.

Not moment had passed before the teacher could cry,

“Take that hat off now, and don’t ask me why!”

Just as fast as anyone could react,

The boy said, “I’m sorry,” and the other kids laughed.

The boy laughed along, he had joy in his heart.

Looks like the blue hat had indeed done its part.

But the boy kept thinking and imagining still,

The parts of his life that could bring him a thrill.

One day he’ll be famous, or cure a disease.

Bigger things he could do than recite ABC’s.

Perhaps one day the grown boy would be here.

Not back in this seat, but somewhere quite near.

Perhaps he would at the front of the class,

Speaking, teaching, and leading at last.

He would let the kids talk and chew gum at their seats

And teach the youth well so they never will cheat.

On Friday’s he’d teach his lesson outside.

Class is boring indoors…he knows, he tried.

But the most important thing he ever would do

Would happen at just a quarter ‘til two.

His students could take out their hats from their desks,

Even if there was a quiz or a test.

He wanted to show the kids in the room

Rules can’t just be broken when it’s after noon.

Composing the kids during class is a must,

But everything’s easier when people know trust.

The dreams of his future come to an end

In the back of the room the boy was again.

Two hours to go until the day was done.

He thought about things that bring about fun.

The comics he read and the movies he saw

Filled with heroes upholding the law.

He wanted to fly and save people from harm,

Disguising himself as a man with a farm.

At night he would save the world from doom,

Not watch TV in a boring old room.

People would say, “Oh thanks Mister Man!”

He would say back with a smile, “I do what I can.”

He would fly to the schools and say, “Kids, have no fear.

Be happy every day, and have fun while you’re here!

And if you don’t feel so super right now,

One day your talents will make you say, “Wow!”

These are the words the boy wanted to say,

But now’s not the time, today’s not the day.

Although no one ever had told him these words,

He knew them within, despite what he’s heard.

One day he will be the man in his dreams;

He can do it alone. He can do it in teams.

The boy knew there would be a place and time

Where and when he could speak his mind.

Where this place was, he could not say

But when it is time, he’ll do things his own way.

Be patient and kind and willing to grow.

These are the things he wanted people to know.

During his stay at the back of the room,

His thoughts had time to be planted and bloom.

Thinking is all that a person will be.

Thoughts turn into life, you just wait and see.

The bell rings at last, it’s time to stand up.

The school doors open; excitement erupts.

He steps on the bus and sits next to his friends.

He knows today has not come close to an end.

His stop is the last, with one other girl.

He liked her clothes, but he loved her curls.

Not knowing right now the words he should say,

They walked off the bus and each parted ways.

Back at home with an after school snack,

The boy eats an apple, and puts on his hat.

He walks out to the yard and climbs his big tree,

And thinks about the great man that one day he will be.tree!

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