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November 12, 2012

Overheard in the UWC

The staff at the University Writing Center works very hard to create a fun, warm, and inviting environment.   The challenge, of course, is balancing this with a productive and driven work force.  We are able to have a fantastic time, while still providing helpful, collaborative, and engaging sessions for our clients.  Although many misconceptions exist about writers, a common truth is that, to be a writer is to have a voice. Over the course of a few weeks, The ReVisioner staff challenged everyone in the UWC to write down some of the more ridiculous things we converse about for a segment called, “Overheard in the Writing Center.”  The feedback was immediate and hilarious.  We hope you enjoy this peak behind the scenes of the UWC and this glimpse of the people responsible for the continued success of our Writing Center.

“Speaking of cults…”

Emily: Why are there gummy bears on Beth’s card? Is that significant?

Rachel: They’re the grateful dead bears, Emily.

Emily: If that leaves this room, I’ll kill you all.

“We just need to git-r-done” Tasha

“We say nothing while saying everything” Emily to Cortney

“When commas are used incorrectly, babies are born.”

“I’ve always been punctually challenged.”

Allie: Does anyone know anything about British literature?

Joe: (In a Cockney Accent) I like to TALK British!

“New Jersey is Legit!”-Meg

“Fat, helpless, and sober; not my favorite way to be.” Julie

“I’m one of nature’s band members” Fran

“America is an idiot.” Emily

“That’s so fifty shades of Earl Grey!” Rachel

Kyle: Captain of the Love Boat

“Why on Earth would I like to adopt a guffin?!” Julie

“Even his armpits are attractive” Emily

“How loud can we ‘mmmm’” –Cortney

“Mama’s gotta make the money somehow.” Emily

“That’s okay, ninja’s can wear whatever the f*** they want; they’re ninjas” –Steph

“Little birds gotta have a place to put their foots,” Bob Ross

“I was saying I think I’m in heat because I want some chocolate, so bad” Kyle

“Sometimes I wish I were a boy so I could grow a mustache.” Steph

“I have like, small head syndrome”

“Cats can look very sarcastic without even doing anything” Fran

Beth: He actually looks better than he did 30 years ago and he’s borrowed like 2 kidneys and cancer

Rachel: Well that’s why! He’s rebuilt!

“SNACK LUCK!” Amaria

“It’s an Amaria original”

“Gotta get my five servings!” Lindsey

 “T-Pain actually has a great voice.” Kyle

“There are so many internet women I would marry…” David

“Did you hook yourself a religious man!?” David

“Just a throbbing intellect” Kyle

David: I feel like you’re a dog person

Kayla: I am

David: I could see you with a great dane; I feel like you’d ride it into battle

“These boots are botox for your feet” Emily 

“I turned so many tricks last night.”  Kyle

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